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What is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe is the only stainless steel meshed security door product is that is screwed clamped. This means that any Crimsafe product has the wire clamped down then is reinforced with screws eliminating any one or thing allowing the Crimsafe wire to be kicked, hit, pushed or bashed out of the frame, therefore making Crimsafe the Ultimate security door on the market today.

At Evercool we pride our selves in being the first to bring Crimsafe into Adelaide, South Australia, making Crimsafe available to yourself for the maximum security you are able to get from the market leaders security doors.

The wire used in the Crimsafe Products is a .9mm thick, 304 high tensile stainless steel woven mesh/wire making it the hardest, long lasting wire used in its form. With having a 10 year warranty on the Crimsafe wire/mesh alone gives you no reason to ever have a Crimsafe product re-wired at all. The Crimsafe mesh/wire will always come in the powder-coated colour of black. This will give you a complete clear vision with nothing obstructing your view.


Crimsafe can be applied to a wide range of door and window products and different applications to suit your requirements.

The Crimsafe products available from Evercool are the Crimsafe Ultimate Range, Crimsafe Classic Hinged and Sliding Doors, Crimsafe Regular Hinged and Sliding doors, Crimsafe Window screens and the Crimsafe Safe-s-cape (a key-less emergency exit screen).


See our photo gallery for Crimsafe doors that have been made and installed by Evercool

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